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Quality Control

An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company.

Quality control and inspection of products is a crucial phase in the manufacture before the tanks are ready for delivery. DBP Engineering Works strictly conforms to statutory environment regulations as regards air and effluent pollution. Prior to sewage disposal all effluents are neutralized to zero hazard levels. Customer care is of top priority and customization of products is done with close collaboration and after investigating the end use. AA experts advise clients as to the best options for the applications and suggest engineering solutions towards optimum performance for the benefit of the client. The Company expects to compete with global players soon by projecting its products for worldwide approval. To this end there have been positive signs and export is not ruled out.

DBP Engineering Works is a progressive Company with a focused approach and a well-defined objective of developing innovative technology towards manufacture of products that ensure protection against corrosion, and conservation of environment. In addition to the technical know-how, intensive experience, and close collaboration with research institutes, the Company has confirmed the realization its objectives by continuous improvement in manufacturing procedures and product optimization suited to custom requirements of its select clientele. The company is having World-wide Clients, Please Ask us for the list of our clients.


  •   Clean Working Area (surrounding) Good housekeeping.
  •   Ensures hygienic working atmosphere.
  •   High employees acceptance.
  •   Increased productivity.
  •   Low production cost.
  •   Stop corrosion of crane & roof structure.
  •   Better safety.
  •   Fumes are condensed & recycled.
  •   Optimizing material use.
  •   Reducing waste disposal cost.
  •   As per Emission regulation.